Mini Folding Scrapbooking Album Gift Idea with Tutorial and Free Template

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Well, as I'm typing this my vision is so blurry. Ha!  I guess I might have to look into those darn reading glasses.  I already wear glasses to see at a distance.  Ageing is certainly a bumpy process.  I may now have a different excuse for imperfections on my pages and projects.  Hehehe...

Today's project is a do over.  We've all already done it, but this time we're doing it traditional and I'm using them both to house either a gift or money for my nieces Christmas presents.  As you can see, I'm keeping it very simple.  You've heard me say it before, consider the recipient of your hand made goodies.  How much will they appreciate your efforts and ask yourself, how much do you care?  Hehehe...If ya wanna go all out for someone who really doesn't give a fig about the hard work you put into a gift, then go right on ahead.  

These mini album, gift ideas can be made in minutes.  Seriously!  You don't have to put a lot of time into them, but you certainly can if that's your thing. 

To save a lot of time, I used my free digital template to crop my photos perfectly.  I mean seriously, what an absolutely brilliant, efficient way to get this project started.  Simply clip your photos into the template with your scrappy software, print and cut!  That's all you have to do, if you choose.  Then you're finished even faster still.

I've also made a step by step video so you can see how I've done what you see above.  It's only over 10 minutes long and I even did a touch of scrapbooking on the inside, for my other project with this template.  That's for the hybrid Saturday blog.

Printed all out.  That emoji was something I thought I could use on the other project. Cute, eh?

I thought it would be fun to put a few of the silly photos from last Christmas for my niece who's 16. As well as photos of her family.

Here's a look at some goodies I had already put together for another project. I thought the colours and patterns were youthful.  Good for two teenage girls, right?  As you might be able to see, these are all just products from a local discount store.  We don't have scrap shops around here.  I always mention this simply to prove, that you don't need all of that fancy stuff to make something pretty.

Print out your template and trace it onto your favourite paper.  Be careful that the paper is going the right way.  I chose a kind of paper where there was a obvious top and bottom and some parts of the image come out upside down and I don't really like that.  If you don't either, then use a paper when direction is not an issue.  If I would have used this paper shown here with the ric rac, I would have been ok.  Darn!  Hehehe...

Something you may have learned when printing yourself is the loss of ink on folds.  To combat that you can do a few things.  Print at best quality on good paper.  Semi gloss and gloss paper gives you a really good result.

To help with the folding issue, the inside or other side of this paper is white.  So, there will be no loss of ink or wearing away.  I cut my photos in a way so as to leave that white space in between the folds so there will be no wear.  Yay!

I also recommend doing soft folds.  Gently press where the fold should be instead of pushing hard and creasing.

I often clip off the prongs on my large brads and use a thick glue dot to adhere them.  You can use a glue gun, double sided tape...any kind of adhesive really.  I show you here how you can fold up the prongs under the brad, just in case you might want to use it again.  Handy for when giving gifts.

 There is plenty of room inside of this mini for money and or a gift card or sentimental notes, if you like.

I tied a very simple ribbon around the album.  She can just slide it right off and reuse it if she likes.

I pasted the brad on some more, pink ribbon.  I used a tiny glue dot to adhere my ribbon and again, slid the ribbon over and around the mini for easy open and close.

Now, you've got a nifty gift idea and a free template.

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!

Freebie Friday and New Goodies From Throwing Some Scraps Around

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I didn't put any new templates in the shop this week.  I'm saving them up for Cyber Weekend.  So stay tuned for those.  They are so festive fun!  I'm showing off what we did put in the shop last week and some new inspiration from new and older templates that will inspire you.  Throwing Some Scraps Around also has a new kit in her shop and I've got a pretty page with a free template to show off.  There's a few freebies, too.  So keep on reading.

 Got Your Back Templates

I dig the new templates.  They are the perfect way to show off your favourite designers awesome papers.  Look what Michal did on this fabulous page.

 Got Your Back Templates
Got Your Back Templates and JumpStart Designs

Last week, I had the fans hopping around collecting all of these free goodies.  Did ya miss that?  Jump over to Friday's blog from last week and find out how you can get all three parts.

How's about some gorgeousness from Tammy and The Sweet Shoppe?  She scrapped one of our templates from 57 Chevies.

Find them in the shop.

 57 Chevies Templates

Jodi from Throwing Some Scraps Around has a new kit out, Sparkle.  It's so super great for wintery pics.  There enough elements to scrap any kind of pic you'd like.  The colour palette is also very suitable for masculine and or boy pages.

I used a free template from Mommyish's newsletter.  

 TSSA Sparkle
Sparkle from TSSA and Mommyish Free Template

Last year I offered free calendar goodies all year long.  This little guy was a part of those freebies.  If you'd like to check that out, click here.

 free word art

Speaking of free templates. Did you get this one from Gingerscraps?

 free template at Gingerscraps

If you are all about the free stuff, you've GOT to follow us on Pinterest and join our page.  We post free stuff nearly every single day.

Thanks for checking out The Cherry!

What Else Can Ya Do With Project Life Cards?

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We're continuing a project we started last weekend.  You can grab the second part of the tutorial right here, the first part here and check out the video showing you how to perfectly size and print your photos to fit in the pockets.

The Project Life cards you see here are still free on the blog for a limited time.  Click on the image to get to last Friday's blog where you can get the link.  You can also find out how to hop around our social spots and grab the rest of this coordinating  mini scrapbooking kit. All free!

 Free Project Life Cards

I've also got a free template on hybrid Saturday's blog.  It's in png format so you can use it digitally, traditionally and hybrid style.  Click on the image to get to the blog for the download.

 free template

I'm just uploading a little video on how to get the perfectly cropped pics for in your pockets.  It only took me a couple of minutes with PSE.  If you need the template for the pics follow these directions:

1)  download the free template pictured here

2)  open the template in your scrappy program

3)  crop the style of card you want, rounded edges or typcial

4)  shrink your card of choice just slightly

5)  double check that the insert will fit by placing it over the original template

These are what I made.  I've got the finished result down a bit further.  You can use these for so many things.  I've made a mini for my mom.  You can put them in your agendas and or planners to store goodies if you leave a bit of space on one side.  It's also the perfect size of a door hanger.  Cut out a big hole at top center and you're set.

Here's the rest of the tutorial for you.

We left off where you needed to just finish up your project with pics and our favourite part, embellishing!

There's my photos, perfectly cropped and printed thanks to the video and previous tutorial.

Are you like me and try to scrimp and scrape every scrap possible?  I have very limited supplies and no shops around to buy lovely scrapbooking and paper  products for projects so I have to be resourceful as possible.  I fit all of my photos on some left over, black card stock that a friend brought for me from the States.  Use your paper cutter and if you like, your corner punch to round the edges of your matting.

Most of my book has a black outline so black matting seemed most appropriate.  Check it out first and make sure your matting goes with your photos.

I got so lucky to find such a perfectly matching, old paper in my stash.  These are just discount store goodies and they are pretty terrible, quality wise, but when that's all you can get...Make do with you have, right?  It doesn't have to cost a fortune to be pretty and if you use your own "good" adhesive, it'll be fine.

See how I cut out a flower and a leaf from paper.  Of course, I tried to get a flower as close to the edge as possible.  Hehehe...  Trying to save that paper.  I inked around the edge of my flower and leaf so it matches the rest and gives a touch of contrast to my background paper.  A nice gem in the middle of my flower and a few of those nifty clear dots along the bottom of my photo.  The paper is already pretty busy so I didn't feel the need to over embellish.  Like I would EVER over embellish?!  Hehehe...

I'm going to be totally honest with you...I didn't mean to put the holes in the center of my backing.  I wanted to put holes in the center of my photos and I thought it looked totally redundant to do both.  Ha!  My original plan was to punch holes in the corner of the backing, not the center, but it looks totally ok, right?  Hehehe...  I  might have been able to embellish over the holes, but meh.  This is ok.

There's my book all finished.  I want to send it through the mail, so I don't want to put too many goodies on there.  I'm pretty sure my mom is mostly concerned with the photos, after all. Always consider who is receiving the gift and how much they will appreciate your efforts, if you care that is.

There is the other side.  There's more space for more photos and perhaps a touch of journaling, too.  You could even turn your matted photos into pockets if you needed more space.

If you don't know much about Project Life, we got a few blogs here with Project Life pages.  Check it out on Pinterest and I'll show ya a couple of things you can get at a great shop like

You get a book similar to a traditional 12x12, like the one pictured here.

You can use sleeves similar to these pictured here and use purchased or hand made cards and your photos to go to into the small sleeves.

Here's an example of what some purchased cards look like.  I like the standardisation in Project Life, but once you start looking around, you'll see that it really is quite limitless with what you can do.

I'll be blogging again about different ways to use Project Life cards.  Ever since I designed a few and printed them out, I really start liking project life.  I do think it's a mega easy way to scrap, if you just wanna scrap fast and don't care about all of those embellishments, but you totally can take Project Life to stunning, artistic levels.  Stay tuned to The Cherry and see how we do it!

Above, you'll see our Trolla Bolla Project Life cards.  I blinged them up so I can traditionally scrap them in future.  Ya know, I'll be sure to share the project with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by The Cherry.  We've got a gallery in our Facebook group, if you ever want to show off any of your paper, hybrid or digital projects.  I'd so love to see more traditional and hybrid pages there.

Happy scrapping!

Cool Alternative Idea For Using Project Life Cards and Free Ones

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I've got a bit of scrapbooking inspiration for you, today.  I also want to show you what you a bit from yesterdays blog, because it's mega awesome and I thought of a nifty idea with what you can do with our free Project Life cards from yesterday.  I'm providing you with a free template, just incase you can use it.  This project can be done totally traditionally and or hybrid style.  You choose!  Ya gotta love choices.

How about these fabulous colours?!  I just love it on my youthful page with my youngest son.  The templates are new and from Made By Keuntje. JJ went to the zoo with his dad a few weeks ago and was in 7th heaven.  He went twice with his school, but never got to go where he wanted to go and they never stayed very long.  So he missed a lot.  This time my hubs let him be in charge and they were there for over 5 hours.

 Briar Rose Templates
Briar Rose template from MBK and Thankful from Throwing Some Scraps Around

 MBK templates

 Thankful kit

These were the templates we put in the shop yesterday.  They are super for the paper lovers!  Look at all of those fabulous layers.  Your pages are going to look fantastic!

 Got Your Back

I scrapped this page up in under 15 minutes with the new templates and my free mini.  Give it a try!

 Got Your Back Templates
Got Your Back templates and Choose Joy freebie

My gal Laureen went scrappy crazy with my templates and I could not be happier with her pages.  They are SO beautiful.

Shelly is new on the team and gave our templates a sweet boyish touch.  I love the boy pages.

 Hey Mister, Pretty In Green

Jodi also scrapped a fun page with her rocking hair and cutie pie.

Winter is here kit from TSSA

I'm giving away a fabulous, free mini scrapbooking kit around my social spots.  I'm so thrilled about the lovely reaction it's gotten so far.  Thanks to all of your for your beautiful comments.  It certainly is encouraging.  Grab the free cards from yesterday, the papers from our Facebook Group and the ellies from the newsletter.  I'll be sure to put the links back in next week's newsletter incase you sign up late.

social spots freebies

For everyone who post anything using the free mini, Choose Joy and posts it in the group, I'll send you the link for this free word art, too.

Now, for my idea on an alternative use for these or any Project Life cards you have in your scrappy stash whether it be digital or traditional.

I've designed this template in both straight edge and cornered in case you need it.  Click on the image or below it to get the free png template.  I've put it in png so you can use it digitally, with your cutting machines or traditionally.

 free template

Here's the start of my project.  You'll get the idea and you can go from there.  I'll finish up the project and get it in our Traditional Tuesday spot.

I went through my card stock stash, looking for coordinating papers to go with my new, free Project Life cards.  I was pretty impressed with my find.  Hehehe.. I thought I'd show you what I got together. I matched as closely as I could, the colours from the cards.

There are three different ways you can go about with the basis of this project.

1)  use your cutting machine with our pngs and your paper choice

2)  trace around our templates, once you've downloaded them and printed them out

3)  keep your lines straight, use your paper cutter and use a corner punch for a perfect cut

Tah, dah!  There is the base of your page.  I've inked around my card and my background paper.  I like the black contrast.  I used my slimmest double sided tape for around THREE edges of my card to create a pocket.

I plan on inserting pictures into the pockets and using ribbon to pull and push the photos in and out of the pocket.  You see where this is going...Decide on how you want to bind them or other ways you can use them.

If you followed our tutorial on how to make your own journal or agenda, these will totally fit in there. I would adhere your new pocket page onto another larger paper, repeat your inking process, leaving enough room for your holes, to make an insert in your journal/agenda.  I've got how to do this in the original tutorial, too.

I'll make a cover to fit over these new pocket pages and more than likely bind them in the corner with a hole punch and a ring, like I did the journal you see here.

Here are a couple of items that you can purchase on line that will help you with this and many other craft projects you have in mind.   I love this mixed set of metal rings.  I use these more than any other fastener.  Click on the image to get to CreateforLess where you can find tons of craft goodies at Cherry price.


This is exactly the kind of book I used for my project and several others.  By clicking on the image, you'll hop over to where they have an awesome selection of craft supplies.

What a nifty blog for today.  I'm so glad you stopped by.

Consider our fun, free coordinating mini and showing off what you make with it.

Happy scrapping!