Saturday, October 22, 2016

Free Printable Card Making Kit From The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I am so excited about today's blog.  I've been wanting to do this project for months and finally did it this weekend.  As you may know, I love scrapping digitally AND traditionally.  I've got scrappy sisters in both digital realms.  Some are die hards and wouldn't dream of going over to other side while I stay dabbling with both.  Why limit yourself?

This project is for ALL of my creative sisters. Whether you love to get glue and glitter on your fingers or you'd rather caress your keyboard and mouse, these items are perfect for you both.

Keep reading to find out more about these printable digital goodies, turned traditional or hybrid.  All ya need is a printer, scissors and adhesive or a computer and printer.

These three images are examples of cards you can create with my three sheets of goodies.  If you do it digitally, don't forget your shadows to get this dimensional effect.  If your going traditional, use some foam tape or thick glue dots for extra dimension.

This isn't a lot of white space here.  It's how you need to position your card in your software program if you decide to do it digi style.  If you place your image at the bottom of your page, all you'll have to do is print, fold your paper in half and if you want, cut off any excess.  If you want your card to fold the long way, like the first image, then you need to rotate your image and place at the top of your page.  Don't forget!!
Here is a glimpse at the three sheets.

I've even designed a few clusters for faster scrapping.

Simply right click to download or scroll to the bottom for a downloadable png file.  I thought I'd include a few solid pieces for you to use in your project or use as a sample to match up papers with your own stash.

I kept the theme very general so you could use these cards or objects for any project you have in mind.

Some more fun papers for your card making.
If you have a cutting machine like the Silhouette, you're set!  Unless you are like me and don't mind the fussy cutting.  Hehehe...
The digital images are with a clear background.  You'll need a bit of computer savvy to separate them from each other.  If you have PSE, just crop and if it's not enough use the elliptical marquee tool to get rid of the other part that's showing where you don't want it.

Consider your paper.  Use a rigid paper for your base, regular weight paper for the layers and perhaps mid weight paper for the elements.

I'd LOVE to see what you do with this card making kit.  Post in our group.

Our freebies are for Personal Use ONLY.  For Commercial Use contact us at

We are so thrilled you stopped by The Cherry to check us out.  Make sure ya do it again and follow us here, on Facebook and Pinterest so you don't miss all of this crafty goodness.

Here are a couple of similar projects you may have missed:

Join us in our one card a week challenge.
We scrapped this with just scraps and an old holiday card.
 recycled holiday card

Here's another hybrid card.  With just a few changes you can change your layouts into cards.

 free hybrid card

Another lovely hybrid.
 free hybrid card
Happy crafting!


Friday, October 21, 2016

Freebie Friday Mega Link Up With The Cherry On Top

Welcome to Freebie Friday with The Cherry On Top.

I've got so many freebies to share with you, today.  Be prepared to be impressed!  I've also got some of my favourite designers in the lime light and some layouts that will certainly inspire you and make you want to scrap, today.

 Efflorescence, Throwing Some Scraps Around

How about this first layout?  I love everything about it.  Fabulous template?  CHECK!  Gorgeous kit with the most awesome colour palette?  CHECK!  Super photos of those I love best?  CHECK!

Throwing Some Scraps Around has outdone themselves with this stunning collection of digital scrapbooking goodies.  Efflorescence is a master piece and a kit you will certainly want to have in your stash.  Above I used a coordinating template Jodi offers as well.  I often use a photo in place of a paper.  I just love my big photos and you will love the prices for these goodies.

 Efflorescence, Throwing Some Scraps Around

Here was a bit of a free for all.  I love these ripped papers and those mushrooms.  I stuck with the elements that were water coloured to keep a solid look.  I can never resist purple bling or butterflies.  I used the twine as a frame for my dear hubby.  It's impossible getting a serious shot of him.  Hehehe...

This is what the cluster looks like on it's own and I've got it available for download for you.  Right click and save to your downloads.

This is what the page looks like without the large photo and cluster frame.  Not too bad, right?  Jodi has it available for free on her blog.  Click on the preview to get there.  You can use both and make an LO just like mine.

I've got a few more new kits and freebies up my sleeve.  Keep reading to get more.

 Wintergreen, MagsGraphics

Wintergreen from MagsGraphics Designs is now available in the shop.  Though we don't get too much snow in these parts of Belgium (darn global warming), I take pictures and the kids enjoy it as much as they can before it's gone.

Would you like to add this free template to your digital downloads?  Leave me a comment here or in our Facebook Group, where you see this layout. Once we get to a dozen comments, likes or shares, I'll make the link public.

 Kim Cameron Designs

My gal Kim from Kim Cameron Designs has a Zombie Run going on in her Facebook Group.  She gives free stuff with each week's challenge.  I used her Zombie Apocalypse kit and a new template that is coming soon for you.  Hint, hint...

 Lissy Kay Designs

Here's another layout using Warm and Cozy also from Kim Cameron and I used a free template from Lissy Kay Designs that you can find on the Your Stories Go Digital Facebook page.

 freebies from Kim Cameron

This was a free template from Fanette Designs and I paired it up with Kim Cameron's FREE elements and papers that are in the Digital Scrapbooking Studio's, Next Designer Contest.  This my fans, is a major freebie link up.  There are around a dozen contestants and everything they are designing is FREE for us.  How awesome is that?!  

I designed this with Bethaicreations awesome entry in this contest and it's ALL FREE!

There is an opportunity for you to vote for your favourites as well.  You can guess, perhaps where my votes are going?  It isn't easy.  Head over to the Studio, grab these awesome freebies and vote for your favourites.  Share the link with your other freebie finding friends and have them vote, too.

I told you you'd be impressed with all of the freebies, today.  

Not impressed?  Here are some other freebies you've missed.

A lovely free cluster frame.

 freebie from the cherry on top

A gorgeous overlay!

 free overlay

A free quick page.

 free quick page from the cherry on top

This blog's full of freebies and links to even more freebies.  Grab a cup of Jo, put your feet up and scroll through and see what you can find that fits in your supply.

I've got even more freebies on our Facebook Page and Group as well as other freebies posted on our Pinterest boards.  Be sure to follow us so you don't miss out!

With all of this free stuff, you can get scrappy, today!

Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cherry.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Recycled Christmas Cards. Are You Keeping Up?

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

On Tuesday's we go all out traditional scrapbooking.  I'm back with another up cycled holiday card.  At least one a week, I'm going for and so should you, if you want home made cards for the holidays.  I'm looking for projects that I can actually use or give as gifts rather than sit on a shelf and collect dust.  Projects that keep the environment in mind, are fast and easy to get together as well as free or nearly free.  This way there are no excuses why we wouldn't get scrappy!

This is not an easy thing to do, but I'm showing off my terribly neglected scrap place.  Oh, My Goodness!  It has never been this bad.  I thought I might make you feel better about yours.  Hehehe...

Here's a quick tip on organisation.  As if?!  Looking above, you may think I have no system and rightly so.  I often collect small, rigid containers for my tinies.  Here is a mint tin.  I used a glue dot to adhere an example what's inside, on the lid.  This way I don't have to open it to see.  I more than not, use clear containers for this.

On to today's up cycle.  This card with the neat cut out lettering.

Cutting right down the middle and reusing that smaller "kerst" journaling.  I'm so terrible with journaling, script, stickers, alphas...Any excuse to get out of it and I've got it.  Hehehe...

Grab like colours that reflect in your images.  Try to get them as close to perfect.  Layers always make a project look polished.  

Cut around those letters...

Apply to another card that is plain or rigid or use some good card stock if you have it on hand.

Keep envelopes in mind if you need them.  I keep all of my plain envelopes that no one wrote on.  You can always design your own, custom envelopes to fit or not use them at all if possible.  Dangle them from your gift like a tag for something different or just tie a ribbon around them.

I layered up the inside script just like the cover and used some sticker letters that were also a bit quirky.

A recycled card made in under 20 minutes!

You could always add a tad more glitter if you like.

Take our challenge and try to get at least one home made card done a week.  Feel free to show off what you design in our Facebook Group or right here in the comments.  We'd love to see what you're up to.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Boo Your Neighbours Free Printables from Paty Greif Digital Designer and The Cherry On Top


Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We are getting you all ready for the upcoming, fun day.  We've been showing off all kinds of digital kits along with some lovely layouts to inspire you.  Hybrid ideas, we have a plenty along with freebies, too.

Today, I've teamed up with Paty Greif Digital Designer, again.  I used her kit, Bootiful Witch to design your "You've Been Boo'ed" printables.  Not sure to what I am referring?  Check out Pinterest for more great ideas and other ways to showcase your treats for your neighbours.

This first image is what gets put in the window or on the door to alert neighbours, that they have received a Boo box already.  This way your neighbour knows to look for other houses without a sign. Keep in mind, they won't all look like ours.

This is just a small print out to explain the process to your neighbour, in case they've never been "Boo'ed".

You don't have to use our handy, door hanger basket, but you can use it for many treat ideas.  Candy is often what folks use, but consider healthier or even non food items.  If ya know your neighbour loves to garden, consider seeds, gloves or bulbs.  Think about lip gloss, lip balm, temporary tattoos, coupons, travels size goodies, tea, coffee...Consider what your neighbour might enjoy.  Instead of our hanger, you can use a small bucket, plant pot or hang a pretty paper bag with our poem pasted to the front and a bow and or ribbon.

Here is a basic tutorial for the box, just in case you need it.

Download the three printables. (I changed the pocket.)

I find it easiest to cut across and then cut out the circle, but if you have a circle cutter or large hole punch, you can use that as well.  An Exacto knife would work, but it will leave you a ridged edge.

 Simply follow the dotted lines to fold.  I always recommend a soft fold.

I prefer to use a glue stick.  You get a bit of give and can match up your sides perfectly.  With wet, liquid glue, you'll have to wait longer, but it is still an option.

 This template provides you with some flexibility in the width of your favour.  Adjust it to your desire and adhere.  You could even use tape if that's all you have.  Tape will actually make your project a bit more rigid, too.

If you leave the slit I showed earlier, you can use your door hanger in other manners. Cut out the word art and glue it to the front of your pocket.

Tape over the slit on the back, if you don't want it.  It will also make your project a bit more sturdy.

The weight of paper you use will depend on what kind of goodies you are putting in the box.  The heavier your treat, the heavier your paper should be.

You may choose to right click and download on the images you want or click here for a zipped file of all three.

This is the collection, Bootiful Witch, I used.

 Bootiful Witch

Here are some more ideas I got from Pinterest.  Our Halloween board is pretty good.  Get inspired and get busy.

 Halloween on Pinterest

 Halloween On Pinterest

 Halloween On Pinterest

 Halloween on Pinterest

Thanks so much for hanging with The Cherry!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Freebie Friday with Paty Greif Digital Designer and The Cherry On Top

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

I am so excited to be bringing you Paty Greif's newest digital collection, All About Love.  Take an up close look at Paty's collection, enjoy some inspiring layout love, see some of Paty's other fall flavoured kits and download a freebie from The Cherry.

 All About Love Paty Greif Digital Designer

Working with digital designers and digital template makers is a super combination.  Some designers match up just perfectly and some kits match great with particular templates.  I was looking at the soft, water colour designs in All About Love and Heartstrings Scrap Art templates jumped right into my brain.  Hehehe...I could show off Paty's gorgeous papers and use a really large picture that still stands out, thanks to Bryony's masks in her templates.

 All About Love, Paty Greif Digital Designer

Often times I like to scrap fast.  Maybe just to fill in a free small space I have or to show and encourage our fans that scrapbooking either traditional or digital, doesn't have to be too time consuming to get awesome results.  Take my above layout for example.  4 layered papers, shadowed for extra dimension, Paty's lovely frame with word art and illustration and all I had to do was add those tiny clusters which was mega easy by just duplicating the same elements.  By doing this I save time and keep my layout looking harmonious due to the repetition of the same elements.  I really love the gold glam in this collection and added a touch around the edges with these lovely stamps and those three tiny brads to repeat the gold, again.

A lovely layout like this can be scrapped in under 15 minutes.  The key to scrapping fast, either traditionally or digitally is having your collection all together so that you don't have to go searching and searching for what you want.  Having a sketch or template to follow will also save a LOT of time.

This gorgeous collection is still on promotion throughout the weekend.
 All About Love Collection

Here are some more of Paty's kits and collections shown through my layouts with them.

 Bootiful Witch, Paty Greif Digital Designer

Me and my witchy friend with Bootiful Witch.  You can get this in a quick page on Paty's blog for FREE.  Pop in your own picture and you've scrapped fabulously!

 Scary Friends, Paty Greif Digital Designer

Here are some older, yet awesome Halloween kits from Paty.  Click on any of the images to get to the kit.

 Scary Friends, Paty Greif Digital Designer

I love using Paty's designs for my hybrid projects and printables.  I have loads of them throughout the  blog.  Here I used a kit for Halloween Bingo cards.  I needed them for a party we had.  These are very simply made. 

Here's another gorgeous collection, Autumn's in the Air.

 Autumn is in the Air, Paty Greif Digital Designer

 Autumn is in the Air, Paty Greif Digital Designer

Paty also sells Commercial Use products.  These are a few of her latest edition to the SugarHillco shop.  They are still on sale through the weekend.

 commercial use from Paty Greif

 commercial use, Paty Greif

Make sure you come back tomorrow.  I'm using Paty's Bootiful Witch collection to get you geared up for Booing your neighbours and all for FREE!  See ya tomorrow!

Here is your freebie.  Click to download.

 Free Frame cluster from The Cherry On Top

Our goodies are always for Personal Use ONLY.

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.