Simple Scrapbooking Pages Album Continued

Welcome To The Cherry On Top.

I surly hope you all are not nearly as bad as I am when it comes to finishing up projects.  I'm sitting on quite a few unfinished projects, but slowly, they are getting wrapped up.  Like this one.  All I need to do is the cover and inside cover page and it's finally finished.

I've got several other entries for this project.  Click here to see more step by steps for these pages.

I'm using Barista from Basic Grey for most of the album.  The chipboard album is from Maya Road and I can say this about this particular chipboard book, it's awesome.  One main reason I do not use liquid glue is because it wrinkles your paper, which isn't a big deal because you can flatten it once it dries, but with this book, wrinkling is not an issue.  I love that! has SO many albums to choose from.  I dare you stop at just one!  Hehehe...

Let me explain a few things about the image, above.  It's matted in a coordinating paper to match with the rest of the pages in the album.  All from Barista from Basic Grey and a bit of my own scraps.  I printed my photos of this album on semi gloss paper and the result of the photos was meh.  When you cut the pics, you get imperfections.  There are a few things you can do about that, though.

One is to stress out the pic, like I did above with a nail file.  You could ink around the photo to cover the white part so it looks totally intentional or you could cut out a fine border frame to set over your picture or image.

I distressed the outline of my paper above the pic as well to make it all match.

My next step was to make a flip page by matting my photo and scoring across the top.  I score with my Fiskars cutting machine.  Switch out the orange blade with the black scorer.  You can also easily score with a ruler and a small, blunt object like the rounded edge of a paper clip, a coin...

Scoring about 1/4 inch from the top of my mat.

The next step is adding your adhesive.  What kind will you use?  I want to use double sided tape so that I don't have to wait for it to dry and I find this kind of adhesive perfect for this task.  Check out the different sizes of double sided tape there are.  There's larger and smaller still.  Choose the size that works best.

The adhesive has been applied to the back side of my page I want to flip.

Something very cool with this paper from Basic Grey was that typically useless piece at the bottom of a 12x12, they gave us some tabs.  Sweet!  of course, I used them.  See them at the bottom of my photo?  I distressed them as well.

There is my finished page to flip, of my lovely hubs with our favourite glass of wine at a nice restaurant in Mehring, Germany.  I layered a fun sticker embellishment from the collection on black paper to give the embellishment more interest and have it stand out a bit from the photo.

A very clean and simple page...

I could have left the inside as it was, but I chose to add just a few layered embellishments.  The chevron sticker was from the collection, but could easily be done yourself.

I triple layered one of my FREE wordies for extra pop and contrast.  A really simple thing to do with scraps and it looks fab.

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled program...hehehe...

I'd like to share this idea with you.  To easily take pictures of your projects, consider this.  Use a clean pizza box and leave in the box, several different colours of card stock.  Change them out to fit your project.  This worked like magic.  Can't believe it took me this long to figure it out.  Excuse how dark it is.  It was very stormy that day.  Hehehe...

Here's another page from my book.

Pretty simple, right?  Not too time consuming either.

This is the book missing it's cover.  That'll be for next time.  I still have to plan it all out and see if I have more pictures.  See the pull out photo?  It's a nifty trick to get more pics on your page besides flip pages, like today.

Make sure ya check out and Cricut to make totally awesome pages easily and quickly.  They have top quality products and customer service.  Make them a part of your scrapbooking repertoire.

Did ya see my finished hybrid challenge on Saturday's blog?  Nifty result!

Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry and happy crafting!

Hybrid Scrapbooking With Lissy Kay Designs and Echo Park

Howdy, Happy Hybriders!

Today, I'm wrapping up the digital to traditional to hybrid challenge we started a couple of weeks ago.  I strongly feel it essential to mingle all three forms of scrapbooking to give you the edge to the best projects.  I'll show ya what we've got so far for this particular challenge.  We've got others and have some in the future planned, too.

Check out how we took this digital page and bought it to a hybrid one using the Happy Days collection from Lori Whitlock and Echo Park.  Here is the first part of the tutorial.  Here is the second part if you want to do this totally traditionally.

The PuurFect Scrapbooking Kit from The Cherry On Top and template from Lissy Kay

Here ya get a look at the collection I'm using.  Are you like me and always use the packaging?  I found the packaging for today's project better than the goodies inside.  They were not only smaller and fit better on my page, but the colours were different and worked better as well.

As you can see, I took the basic components of Lissy's template and filled them in digitally and printed it out.  I knew what colours were in the collection because I used it to make an awesome mini.  It's mega great and easy.  I chose the craziest pics I could find and we do crazy really well, here.  Check out the step by step for it, here.

 Mini accordion album with Echo Park

More really fun photos in today's project, too.  I used plain coordinating colours in the hybrid part of the page.  What a great collection from Echo Park.  If you hit up you'll find that Echo Park has over 50 pages of scrapbooking fabulousness even dies!  There were a lot of sale items, too.

I took out the papers from the Happy Days collection and played around until I found a combination I liked.  I'll be adding the green and orange later. I liked the basic black and white papers with the blue.

Layering adds depth, interest and often contrast to your pages.

Use your paper cutter for the desired size you want, adhere your layers together and place them on your page.  So easy, right?

All we have to do now, is cluster up our corners with lovely embellishments and almost all of the ones I'm using are from the packaging.

See how simple it can be.  I took a journal pice or word art from the collection pack and matted it for contrast, depth and interest. I did use foam tape for extra dimension on the word art.  The banners I cut out from the packaging and matted them to match as well.  I used their paper preview from the packaging as borders for my page.  I needed to get those greens and oranges from my hybrid piece into my page.

For a bit of blingy, pow and wow, I cut out a section from this stuff I got in a Webster's Warehouse Box.  I used my fussy scissors and could cut just what I needed.  I used liquid glue to adhere.  I love Elmer's liquid glue pens with dual tips.  Check out CreateForLess for options.  They got Cherry prices over there.

 See all of the cool goodies on the packaging?  The paper strips, cake and flag?

Voila!  Easy stuff!

Making your own embellishments is a great way to save money, use up your scraps and get a custom item.  I used a simple flower punch, my large hole puncher and a red rhinestone for an interesting element.

There's some green and orange and my flower.  I duplicated the rhinestone to bring the cluster together.  Repetition will help keep your pages cohesive and balanced.  There's more of the metal bling and more paper borders.  The pack contained a page of journal cards, but they are really large.  I cut it down to fit better on my page and filled in some journaling.  Finally!  Hehehe...

I'm a bit sad because that handsome gentlemen there recently passed. :(  I do LOVE that about scrapbooking though.  It's a nifty way to feel close to people who are far or waiting for us on the other side.

So, we've layered up our hybrid paper, clustered up the top right and bottom left corner of our page and that's a wrap!  It took me just under 2 hours to do this page and I really, sat back, took my time and enjoyed every step of the process.  I hope you did, too.

If ya dig hybrids, I've got two free Project Life cards.  One is offered in the newsletter and the other on yesterday's blog.  They are in png format so you may use them digitally or print them out and use them traditionally.  I'll be doing both of course.  Wait until ya see what I've got on tap!

Two of these cards are offered for free on the blog and in the newsletter.

I'll have these printables in the shop very soon.  They coordinate with our Trolla Bolla Collection.  Fun, eh?!

 Trolla Bolla Collection

I hope you enjoyed our hybrid project and that you try it out for yourself sometime.

Happy scrapping!

New Artistic Style Scrapbooking Templates and Inspiration Along With A Project Life Freebie

Welcome to The Cherry On Top.

We've got new templates in the Kreative Design Studio.  Take a look at what I and my lovely team has designed with them.  I've got more new templates from Dagi's Temp-Tations paired up with lovelies from Paty Greif as well as my two pages from the Studio's Layout Artist Competition.  Oh!  There's a sweet freebie or two in the post as well.  If you are the recipient of our newsletter and have downloaded the coordinating mini from Trolla Bolla, today's freebie and an upcoming freebie are going to be a sweet addition!

Here they are!  Now, that's something a bit different, right?  We should always be pushing ourselves artistically, intellectually and working on self improvement as well.  Better is better, right?  Hehehe...Start thinking how you are going to scrap up these lovely pages and get an eye full of inspiration from me and my mega talented team.

 Because Templates

I used the Digi Chicks blog hop, Treasured to scrap my lovely boys.  My pictures are not the best of quality, but it doesn't stop me from scrapping them.  I pulled out the lovely shades of green and blue and did not use flowers.  I kept the page neutral and boyish.  These templates can help with that if you find it challenging.

 Because Templates
 Because Templates and Treasured blog train from the Lilypad

I'm in love with XOXO from Made By Keuntje.  I scrapped a kind of funny pic of me and the hubs.  Now, that I look at it here, I think my page can use a touch more green for better balance.  Hehehe...

 Because Templates

I mentioned I have a few new ladies on the team and some free lance ladies, too.  This page is from Sarah.  How about all of that gold on the black?  Pretty fab!  I hope to see more pages from Sarah.

 Because Templates
Because Templates and Moon Beams from Brook Magee and Studio Basics

Dana scrapped up a fairly monochromatic, stylish type of page with this gorgeous pop of aqua.

 Because Templates
Because Templates and A Comfort To Me from Throwing Some Scraps Around

Theresa scrapped these super cute and funny photos.  Someone loved the pumpkin guts and someone else did NOT.  Hehehe...How funny?

 Because Templates
 Because Templates and Pumpkin Guts from Kim Cameron Designs

New team member, Rachelle is scrapping up some fabulous pages.  The blue makes a fabulous background to the yellow.

 Because Templates
 Because Templates and October Scraps Kathryn Estry

What a lovely picture of my scrappy sister, Theresa and her bubby.

 Because Templates
 Because Templates and Highland Romance from Kim Cameron

Oooh...Theresa really stuck with the template for those word bits and it looks great.

 Because Templates
Because Templates and Midnight Pumpkin from Kim Cameron Designs

And now for something completely different...I've got a huge project at hand, that I want ready for you by November and I needed masks.  I wanted a specific shape and couldn't find any Commercial Use in the shops so figured I try to make some on my own.  I've put them in the shop for a song.  Add them to your stash so you can start blending, today.

 Photo Masks

Last week we released these Hallo-What templates.  I've got a few more new pages to show off.

 Hallo-What Templates

Cristiana always makes beautiful pages.

  Hallo-What Templates, kit Peur Beau

This one is from my gal Dana.

 Hallo-What Templates
  Hallo-What Templates  Lindsay Jane Fangtastic

Hilary has a pretty gruesome page for us!  Hehehe..It's really awesome, too!

 Hallo-What Templates

There are two more beautiful pages from Hilary.  Loving all of this gold!

 Hallo-What Templates

 Halllo-What Templates

Robin made a simply beautiful page, too.  I can't believe all of my ladies used the exact same borders.  I thought for sure they would switch them out.  I LOVE that!  These borders gives your pages super dimension and texture.

 Hallo-What Templates
 Hallo-What Templates and Halloween Eve by Lindsay Jane

Did you grab this free template yet?  You can scrap it, add it to our group and get a chance to win something from the shop.  Look for the preview in the group and add your page to the comments.

 Free Template

Here are just a couple of pages for inspiration.  The first one is from Hilary.

 Free Template
Free Template and Haunted Haloween from Clever Monkey Graphics

Rachelle has another lovely page for us, too.

 Free template
 Free Template and Spooky Witches by PScrap

And Theresa did a nifty job on her page.  I like how she lined the corn down my extra borders.

 free template
Free Template and Crows Fest from LouCee Creations

Now, for Dagi's new templates and Paty Greif's collection, Cozy Days.

 Gotcha Covered

Dagi had your album covers in mind when she designed these.  What a great idea!

 Gotcha Covered

 Gotcha Covered

If ya follow The Cherry, then you know we have entered the Digital Scrapbooking Studio's Layout Artist competition.  Shoo...hehehe...What was I thinking?  Hehehe...I get two free kits a week and a lot of practice.  They've got a play along version as well.  I think I'm much better suited for that one, but what the heck.

This was my Artistic entry.  Aren't these colours so awesome?!  Way out of my comfort zone and loving it.

Cape Cod from Berma's Playground

 Cape Cod from Berma's Playground

This is more of what I'm used to.  My traditional entry.  LOVE these colours and the theme.

Sea Side Treasure from Booland Designs

Sea Side Treasure from Booland Designs

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 Free project Life Card

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Ya gotta come back tomorrow to see what I'm doing with this page!  I've been giving some step by steps on Tuesday's blogs if you're a traditional only scrapper.  After seeing tomorrow's blog, you may just start combining the two and giving hybrid a try.

Wow!  You made it to the end!  Hehehe...  Thanks so much for checking out The Cherry.  We're thrilled ya did.

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